Here's a list of studies we're currently running in the lab...

What Faces Tell Us

Perception of physical and social traits in 3D faces

We invite you to participate in a study designed to investigate how we judge faces regarding different physical and social aspects. 3D images of men and women's faces will be presented to you one by one on a computer screen. You will be asked to give information on demographic data such as your age and gender, and you will be asked to judge your own dominance and attractiveness. You will be able to omit any questions you feel uncomfortable with, and your data will be kept strictly confidential.

Currently, we are running tests on perceived facial strength, health, attractiveness and dominance; as this study seeks to investigate a couple of different traits over the next few weeks, you are welcome to participate more than once!

The study takes place in the Perception Lab, School of Psychology & Neuroscience, lasts about 15-20 minutes, and will be reimbursed with £2.

You can sign up online using the SONA system, or by emailing the experimenter.

LAST UPDATED: 02/10/2014