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´╗┐The Tinder Experiment

Online dating is now a common medium through which to meet a romantic partner. We invite you to participate in a study investigating the possible relationship between personality and judgements about individuals who express romantic interest in you. You will be presented with 2D facial images of your preferred sex (if you identify as bisexual, please choose a preferred task i.e. men or women), one by one on a computer screen. On each trial in our task you will be asked to imagine that the person has expressed interest in you on an online dating site and to indicate whether or not you would reciprocate their interest with a yes/no response. At the beginning of the experiment there will be questions regarding your age, gender, sexual orientation and ethnicity. At the end of the experiment there will be a short personality questionnaire. You can omit answering any question you feel uncomfortable with. Overall, the study should last approximately 5-10 minutes

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My preferred sex is Men

My preferred sex is Women